En De Ru Pt
Josephine Velardo

Josephine Velardo is currently an active student at Melbourne Polytechnic, Fairfield in her second year studying an Advanced Diploma of music. She has received many awards over the years whilst singing in private schools for different recognitions. Her love of music began when she was very young, though until the age of 14 she never thought she would pursue it full time. She began singing lessons at a private school in reservoir called “Margaret’s school of singing and dance” where she learned many different techniques and was given the opportunity to sing in front of many people at end of year concerts. After a few years of singing at Margaret’s school, Josephine decided to take a year off singing to focus on her year 12 studies. Shortly after finishing her studies, She began singing lessons at a new school called “Industry Music Academy” where she also performed live concerts in front of many people and also gained the interest to begin making music for the songs she had written. Josephine was lucky enough to be given the opportunity by her teacher Nikoll to record two songs at Studio 52 in Collingwood and another at Bake house Studio’s in Richmond all in which where made up into albums with a bunch of other talented musicians.  After a few years at Industry Josephine decided it was time to step up her game, if she wanted to pursue music as a career then she needed to learn more and broaden her horizons. So in 2014 Josephine applied for the Diploma of music at Melbourne Polytechnic and patiently waiting to hear if she had been accepted. On December 11th 2014 Josephine received the news she had been waiting for, she was to commence her Diploma of music in February 2015, and thus her dreams became reality.